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How do you build your dream brand & website on a budget?

I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you ask this question.

And DIY is the answer.
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Doing it Yourself is something to be proud of

  • You’re passionate about your business.
  • You’re dedicated to creating your own success.
  • You’re ready to work hard to make your dreams happen.
  • And you’re doing it all on a budget.

Now you just need a bit of help along the way. That’s where I come in…

I can help you with

Tips and Tutorials

My blog provides free, beginner friendly content, tutorials, and videos on a variety of topics. Read about branding, WordPress, and more to grow your skills and your business.

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Branding Kits

My shop offers premade designs to ensure you can build your dream brand on a budget. Customize a logo with text and colours to create a visual brand that’s 100% unique.

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Guided Instruction

My courses focus on setting up your website, learning WordPress, branding your business, and more. Mix and match modules to create the course that’s perfect for you.

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What do I know?

I’m Melissa. Three years ago I was exactly where you are – ready to start a business and eager to find success. I knew I had to design a brand and build a website, but I didn’t have the budget to pay a professional. So instead, I decided to DIY it all. I built my business from the ground up. I designed it all myself, and learned a lot along the way. Now, I’m sharing everything I know with you so you can DIY your design and find success.

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Melissa Carter
DIY Designers Facebook Group

Entrepreneurship is lonely.

Join a community of DIY Designers all on the same journey as you!

My DIY Designers Facebook group provides branding and WordPress support for entrepreneurs ready to Do It Yourself.

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