Design Feature: Katrina Evelyn

Katrina Evelyn Preview

Katrina Evelyn is a relationship coach and blogger who reached out to me for help with her branding and website. She was a great client to work with because she had a really clear vision of her ideal client and what she was looking for in her brand. Having a client who is so involved and passionate about the design process is always great, because it makes it really easy to visualize and conceptualize what they want.

Katrina Evelyn Brandboard
Katrina Evelyn Moodboard

The process of designing this site was an interesting one because Katrina had a clear vision of what she wanted, and even designed a site in Wix for me to base my design from. Despite there, we made a lot of changes throughout the design process to get the site exactly how she wanted it. She’ll be making the site live once she get’s some core blog content in place and is ready to share it with the world.

Katrina Evelyn Screenshot

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