10 Inspiring Workspaces to Style Your Desk After

10 Inspiring Workspaces

10 Inspiring Workspaces

It sounds a little silly, but for a while now I’ve been dreaming of the beautiful desk space I’m going to build for myself when I move out and start freelancing full time. I’ve been pinning beautiful pictures of inspiring workspaces to my ‘dream desks’ board for years and drooling over all the gorgeous spaces with bright white walls and natural sunlight streaming in.

I have a desk in my bedroom, but it’s small and in the corner. Not to mention that my bedroom is in the basement, so I wouldn’t call it the most inspiring space in the world. Most of the time I do my work sitting on the couch or in an armchair with my laptop, sometimes even in front of the TV (eek don’t kill me I know it’s awful). When I’m feeling really ambitious I sit upstairs at the kitchen table with all my materials spread out and get a tonne of work done.

But, now that I’m freelancing full time (my last day at work was Saturday!) and I’m moving out soon (hopefully September 1st) the possibility of building my dream workspace is actually real. I’m looking at apartments with white walls and bright light and there’s actually room above ground for a desk to go. I can’t wait to actually put it in place and have my first workday in my inspiring new office. I’m pulling small elements of every gorgeous workspace I see to create my own ideal space. Here are ten inspiring spaces that I’m using to dream up my soon-to-be desk.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
1. Though I use a planner (I’m going to buy a Day Designer for 2016), a chalkboard calendar like this one is an amazing idea.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
2. I love with all the green space on this desk. I’m thinking of building a collection of succulents for my own space.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
3. I really want to create a board or something like this one where I can hang relevant work info, inspiring quotes, and beautiful imagery.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
4. I love the idea of turning the inspiration wall into a 3D place to hang objects and tools like this one in Mandy Pellegrin’s space.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
5. I saw a cart exactly like this one at Ikea and I just might splurge for it. Having a rolling collection of all the things I need to work would be amazing.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
6. The idea of sitting here and working and curling my toes up in a fluffy throw like this one on a cold winter’s day is dreamy.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
7. Love love love all the natural light flowing into a space and brightening it up like this one. Is there even a light on anywhere!? NO.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
8. A filing cabinet desk like this one is just gorgeous. I love that it looks vintage and super clean and modern at the same time. Love it.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
9. I would love to find a chair like this one in this gorgeous desk space. My only reservation is that I really want one that rolls. But it’s just so pretty.

Gorgeous Desk Spaces
10. I’m in love with wood grain desktops like this one, though I’ll probably end up using a simple white one.

Do you have an inspiring desk space or are you still dreaming up your perfect one? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments below.

Disclaimer: These images are beautiful aren’t they? But they are not my own. I have borrowed them from blogs and websites that inspire me, with the intention of building community through the sharing and linking of quality content. If you see your image here and would like it removed, simply contact me here.

  • These are beautiful work spaces, I love all the white space and creative designs! I need to do a makeover of my work area especially my desk to make it more functional and appealing.

    • Thanks Bernadyn! The white space is one of my favourite elements too. I’m just waiting to move so I can makeover my work space as well. Function and appeal are definitely important!

  • I have to have a window. And I second the love for the white space. It’s so clean and crisp.

    • A window and natural light is such an important element for me as well! The sunlight just makes the work day so much more enjoyable and inspired.

  • Sahra

    Love this! My little office is so cluttered (it’s also my closet) but man I can’t wait to add shelving to get things off my desk and uncluttered! Might need a trolley like image 5!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    • A cluttered office space is definitely not an inspiring or productive work space. Adding shelves would be a great way to make a small space work, as well as the trolley – it’s super functional and pretty.

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  • Oh, I love these workspace inspirations. :-) Thank you for tips.

    Lucie http://www.inbluebox.com